Concert – Bassam Saba and the New York Arabic Orchestra

FREE - Tuesday April 12, 7:30 p.m. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Langston Hughes Auditorium

The Center is located at 515 Malcolm X Boulevard, New York, in Harlem. The concert is free, but you must call and RSVP, (212) 491-2040. Subway 2 or 3 train, to 135th St. MTA Bus M7 and M102 to 135th Street Driving - look at their site for details.

Learn more about Bassam Saba and the New York Arabic Orchestra

The event is organized through Carnegie Hall's Neighborhood Concert Series, sponsored by Target. Here's a bit from Carnegie Halls site, "On Muslim World Music Day, audiences around the globe embrace the diversity and beauty of music, art, and literature of the Islamic tradition. Bassam Saba and the 30-member New York Arabic Orchestra bring the celebration to Harlem with classical Arab-Andalusian vocal and instrumental repertoire on featured traditional instruments, including the oud (Arabic lute) and nay (Arabic reed flute)"

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Dance – Zatne Uste Balkan Brass Band at Barbes

Tuesday April 12, 9 p.m. Barbes nightclub, 376 9th St., Brooklyn

From Manhattan, Take the last car of the train to 7th Avenue, Brooklyn. Exit at the southwest corner exit. Make a u-turn and walk downhill on 9th street towards 6th Avenue. Barbes is on your left, a couple of stores in from the corner of 6th Avenue.

"Today, we celebrate Muslim Day. While Zlatne Uste is not exactly a Muslim band, a significant portion of the Balkan Brass repertoire was originated by Muslim Gypsies. The crazy mosaic that is the Balkan cannot be neatly divided in independent ethnic, cultural or religious blocks and is thus the best example of the pervasive and lasting influence of Muslim culture in European musical culture. ZLATNE USTE BALKAN BRASS BAND. A very special visit from the grand-daddy of all American Balkan brass band."


Radio - Afropop Worldwide

Saturday, April 2, Public Radio, WNYE, 91.5, New York, 11pm or Listen online and on many other stations around the country

The first US event heralding Muslim World Music Day will be a radio program that ARC director B. George and Afropoper Banning Eyre put together.

Afropop is America's longest lived and most remarkable radio survey of world music - great tunes, supurb radio, reliable scholarship - these are a few of my favorite things. Here you can listen to our show offering some rare recordings from both our collections, and follow the links below to Hip Deep, featuring in-depth podcasts, interviews and discographies related to music from the greater Islamic world. Have a look or listen. Explore this great site:

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Al-Andalous Ensemble

Saturday, April 9, 7:30pm at Reed College, Kaul Auditorium, Portland, Oregon

Led by oudist Tarik Banzi, the Al-Andalus Ensemble is internationally known for a creative fusion which etches a fine line between the exquisite and raw, the passionate and powerful while treating the listener to a confluence of the best of the East and West. These sophisticated artists with extraordinary breadth and creativity soulfully merge classical, jazz and contemporary music with musical traditions from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Thus embodying the new vision of America as a modern society that embraces its cosmopolitan cultural heritage.

Charting new terrain with Grammy Award winning violinist, Charlie Bisharat, and Emily Miles (vocals) this contemporary World-chamber ensemble of oud, violin, voice and guitar moves with grace between the classical and the modern, subtly weaving tradition with sophisticated innovation into an energetic musical tapestry performed with a freshness and originality that has earned the Al-Andalus Ensemble a devoted international audience. For festival settings, the Al-Andalus Ensemble expands with additions of modern Andalusian dance as well as trumpet, vocals, piano, bass and drums for a vital, energetic and absolutely beautiful experience.

"Al-Andalus" refers to Spain from 711-1492 AD. During these eight centuries, Andalusian Spain witnessed a cultural melding between Africa, the East and the West, as well as among Christians, Muslims & Jews. "Andalusian music" is the courtly music of Medieval Islamic Spain (Andalusia). Preserved and developed by the descendants of Muslim and Jewish refugees after the Reconquest, it is considered one of the longest continuous traditions of art music in the world.

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Radio – Soundcheck

Friday April 8, 2pm + 10pm, WNYC - 93.9 FM, NYC

ARC director B. George joins New sounds host John Schaefer to chat, play some music, and present a live performance by nay virtuoso Bassam Saba. Catch his free concert with the New York Arabic Orchestra on MWMD at The Schomburg Center, courtesy of The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall

Soundcheck, hosted by John Schaefer, is WNYC's daily talk show about music. Covering all musical genres, Soundcheck celebrates the musical passions of performers, composers, and critics as well as the public radio audience. Listeners enjoy intimate conversations with and live performances by leading artists from around New York and around the globe.