Participants and Sponsors


Interns + Volunteers

Kareem Talhouni was our point man in Amman Jordan, who really got the ball rolling on this project and was invaluable. Scouring the Internet and working on the links were actual librarians Ken Petricig and Will Susich. An actual old friend, Pam Meyer, helped them out. Nicola Derse, and the man who single handedly harvested over 2000 videos for our youtube channel, Ben Howe. were the Bennington College student Field Work team. Out of the blue came volunteer Dr. Isabella Abbonizio who put together the instrument database. Interns sponsored by Columbia University and the Arts Initiative included Elizabeth Angell (who also added greatly to building the blog), Amar Teredesai and repeat helper, Annie Minoff. And here's to the innocents we told that cataloging Arabic cassettes would be easy, Hillary Repko. Jonah Flateman and John Coakley. Thanks to all. They made Muslim World Music Day possible.